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Better Reserve Consultants

Mari Jo Betterley
Reserve Study Specialist
4111 Rancheria Dr.
Fallon, NV 89406
P 775.427.1617
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What Makes Us Different From the Rest? Our Excellent Customer Service!

We offer Reserve Studies with "A Personal Touch!" Our Reserve Specialist will walk through the property with you and your Board Members to discuss the Association and the Components. We will attend a Board Meeting or Conference Call to cover the Study and to make sure that everything is accurate. We will actually "listen" to you and your Board Members to ensure that your Study is a "Real Tool" that you will really pull out of the drawer and use!

What Makes Us Different From the Rest? Our Excellent Customer Service!

Costs include Travel, Site Inspection, Communication with the Resort’s Actual Vendors to verify Component Replacement Cost and Estimated Useful Life, Preparation of the Reserve Study, Unlimited changes to Study, Attendance at Board Meeting , Conference Call or Workshop to discuss Study in detail to the Board of Directors. Guaranteed Complete Satisfaction!

"When Lindo Mar timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was looking for a new reserve consultant, the board of directors interviewed Mari Jo Betterley, the principal of Better Reserve Consultants. At our first meeting with Ms. Betterley, we were so impressed with her that we hired Better Reserve Consultants on the spot. When we recently received the final reserve study and reviewed it with Ms. Betterley, we knew that the faith she had inspired in us when we first met her was well-placed. Ms. Betterley is very professional, thorough, has an excellent manner of explaining things to a volunteer board, and she is particularly pleasant to work with. We are very pleased with the work Better Reserve Consultants has done for us."

Sandra Wicks, President
Board of Directors
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