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Fireplace Safety Screen

Michael J. Dorsey
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Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4151
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Whether you are protecting yourself from a potential lawsuit or actively updating your existing fireplaces, Fireplace Safety Screen is the "go to" resource for information and customized, affordable safety screens.

BabyThe Hospitality Industry is most at risk because of the number of children who come into contact with gas fireplaces in timeshare suites, hotel rooms and restaurants. Most people don't realize that the glass front of a gas fireplace can exceed 350 degrees and that the glass stays hot enough to burn skin for up to 30 minutes after the gas fireplace is turned off. So, what can you do? It is a simple solution: all resorts should install safety screens on their gas fireplaces.

Made with pride in the USA, our fireplace safety screens reduce the chance of someone tragically burning themselves by touching the hot glass panel of a gas fireplace while it is burning, and --it looks good too! Our screens can be easily installed by your own in-house staff. Click here to watch how easy installation is. Click here to see before and after photos.


$170.00 (normal Hospitality price $180 for 2018). Retail price $240.00. | UPDATED Privacy Policy
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