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IMPACTenergy Environmental Consulting

Melissa Kline
216 Main St.
Edwards CO 81632
P 970.471.5594
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IMPACTenergy is a pioneer in energy efficiency for the hospitality industry. We use the latest technologies and partner with the most innovative hotel and timeshare brands, energy researchers, and manufacturers around the nation. Our goal is to maximize energy and cost savings whether you are building new facilities or upgrading existing ones.

VRI preferred pricelist

  1. Up to 5% off all Products such as: LED Lighting and energy efficiency products, energy audit and sustainable certifications.
  2. Up to 10% off all Services such as: Energy Audits, Lighting Audits, Lighting Design, LEED & Energy Star Certification and/or Capital Reserve Study.

Package Discount Rate Structure:

  1. If two (2) commercial energy studies are completed a discount rate of 3% will be applied.
  2. If three (3) commercial energy audits are completed a discount rate of 4% will be applied.
  3. If four (4) or more energy audits are completed a discount rate of 5% will be applied.

These discounts are in addition to the VRI preferred discount. The rebate is determined prior to these, and all, discounts. | UPDATED Privacy Policy
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