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Odorox Environmental

Tom Conroy
16525 Southpark Dr.
Westfield, IN 46074
P 317.399.8182
F 317.399.8191
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Odorox Environmental is a leading distributor of the latest Odorox brand of commercial technology that replicates nature's process for breaking down environmental contaminates. This technology simply brings the natural process of the sun's rays into the indoor environment. Our machines are a safe, fast and effective way to break down and eliminate unpleasant odors or bacteria, using no chemicals or sprays. Odors and bacteria are destroyed and not just masked. This technology is ideal for odors such as smoke, musty/mildew, cooking (i.e. curry or fish cleaning), and when unfortunate plumbing mishaps occur.

Our technology is heavily embraced by many of the largest restoration and disaster clean up professionals in the USA, replacing conventional odor removal technologies. Because our machines are so simple and easy to use, they are ideal for the hospitality and time share market. As a VRI Preferred Vendor we look forward to helping you provide an odor-free, pleasant, and healthier environment for your guests. | UPDATED Privacy Policy
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