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Restoration Specialists

Nicholas Frisco
1102 Summer Lakes Drive
Orlando FL 32835
P 407.291.3460
F 407.296.7248
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We manufacture our RESTORE-USA, environmentally-safe products that remove stains like efflorescence (calcium/lime deposits), oil, grease, gum, asphalt seal coating, graffiti, tire marks, rust and fertilizer stains, battery acid stains, algae mildew and more. Our products are safe to apply around plants, animals and surfaces like concrete, masonry, metal and wood.

We provide a variety of services which include:

  • Architectural pave stone restoration (Cleaning & Sealing)
  • Concrete restoration (Cleaning & Sealing)
  • Masonry restoration (Cleaning & Sealing)
  • Concrete staining and water proofing
  • Caulking and epoxy injection
  • Treader non-slip treatment
  • Graffiti removal



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