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Towel Tracker is a smart, RFID-based towel management system that automatically tracks and reports pool towel usage and theft at hotels and resorts.

Benefits of using Towel Tracker:

  • Reduces pool towel theft by approximately 90-95%.
  • Sends automated towel replenishment alerts to your housekeeping staff, which ensures pool towels are always available for guests.
  • Provides automated towel inventory management and reordering.
  • Provides real-time, customized data analytics, including:
    • Towel use by guest and room
    • Overall number of towels used and returned during a specific timeframe
    • Peak times of towel use
  • Considered a high-tech amenity by guests, who can obtain and return pool towels 24/7, with no assistance needed from your staff members.
  • Frees up your staff members to focus on other aspects of guest service.
  • Provides option to recoup the cost of stolen towels, by charging a towel replacement fee to guests who have taken towels home.

Additional Benefits:

  • When guests know their towels are being tracked, they take only the towels they need. This results in a:
    • Significant reduction in overall towel usage by 20-40%
    • Corresponding reduction in overall towel laundering costs
    • Corresponding eco-friendly reduction in chemical laundry detergents, bleach, electricity, and water used to launder towels
  • Cleaner pool and beachside facilities, because guests no longer leave used towels lying around your property.
Towel Tracker
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