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Vacation Club Loans

Debbie Ely
RRP, President
Chris Golden
Loan Officer
16403 Brookfield Estates Way
Delray Beach, FL 33446
P 800.334.2334
F 561.455.2354
*Please call the vendor for pricing
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Through Vacation Club Loans' program timeshare properties can now offer easy financing for up to 5 years to potential timeshare buyers. Resort receives funds directly after 10 days.

To qualify, buyers must be:

  • US Citizens
  • 650 Credit Score Minimum. Vacation Club Loans can check the buyer's credit immediately.
  • 20% Down Payment, Finance 80% of the contract purchase price.
  • 15.9% APR


  • No Prepayment Penalties ever
  • 24/7 access to account
  • No minimum loan amount
  • No commitment fee

For example:
$5,000 contract price: Buyer puts 20% down = $1,000.
Loan is 80% = $4,000 and loan payment is $97.06 per month for 5 years.
That's less than $100 per month!

This opportunity will attract more buyers and sell more intervals. A solid ownership base keeps resorts healthy and in good financial condition. A small Reserve will be established for potential defaults. Call Vacation Club Loans to review process and loan documents required.


*Our one-time loan origination fee to new buyers (your new owners) will be $199.00. | UPDATED Privacy Policy
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